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St Joseph's Primary - then and now

Vision, Purpose, Values

St Joseph’s is a parish school community of students, parents, priests and staff who strive to

  • Provide an environment where all individuals celebrate God’s sacred presence, have opportunities to grow in the Catholic faith and witness Gospel values in their daily lives.
  • Provide every opportunity for each individual to grow and achieve personal best in a happy, safe and accepting environment.
  • Foster a love of learning.
  • Interact comfortably and co-operatively in order to accept their rights and responsibilities in promoting and maintaining the life and growth of the school.

Our Mission 

St Joseph’s defines its mission as supporting and supplementing the work of parents in the overall education of their children.

Teachers in a Catholic School are to be witnesses to the Gospel, providing an environment in which God’s presence is evident in the entire curriculum and life of the school.  Each child is unique and individual. Therefore, St Joseph’s aims to provide experiences and resources to ensure that each person can grow fully in their own right by providing:

  • The opportunity for children to develop confidence and to value themselves and others.
  • A school culture and ethos that demonstrates a Christian atmosphere where each child is respected and is called to the fullness of their potential in all areas of growth.
  • For children to experience the love of God and develop a sense of belonging through the attitudes in the school and wider community.
  • Relevant opportunities whereby the children can acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to enable them to actively participate in their environment.
  • Encouragement so that a positive attitude concerning the need and the desire to learn is developed.
  • An integral relationship between St Joseph’s Primary, Catholic Parish of the Macleay Valley and St Paul’s College, Kempsey.

The K-12 Vision for the Macleay Valley Catholic School

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St Joseph’s Primary and St Paul’s College have a strong commitment to providing our students with a K-12 experience of Catholic Education in the Macleay Valley.
We work in close partnership with our Parish to ensure that opportunities for all learners and their families are fostered and supported through our mission as disciples of Jesus Christ.

St Joseph’s and St Paul’s College do this by:

  • Celebrating Catholic Schools Week each year with a Combined Mass and lunch with all students and staff;
  • Kindergarten and Year 12 Mass;
  • Year 6 and Year 11 Mass;
  • Retreat Days;
  • Year 6 into 7 Transition Days;
  • Staff Masses;
  • Combined Leadership Team Meetings;
  • Regular visits by our Parish Priest.