To support our students at St Joseph’s we offer a School Wellbeing Program to meet our student’s social, emotional and mental health needs.

Our Wellbeing Team consists of Mrs Rochelle Kerfoot as our Student Support Chaplain, Mr Paul Owens as the Positive Behaviour Support Coordinator and Mrs Ruth Nolan as our School Counsellor.

School Counselling at St Joseph’s provides short term individual counselling to students for a range of mental health, social and emotional and family issues. Mrs Nolan will also be providing the CoolKids Anxiety program through individual and group sessions. Mrs Nolan will be available on a Monday and Thursday. 

Positive Behaviour Support coaching will continue to run throughout the school week through a variety of methods. Mr Owens supports individual students and groups of students based on their needs for playground and classroom support. 

As the Student Support Chaplain, Mrs Kerfoot will support the academic needs and the personal needs of the students through the provision of pastoral care. Mrs Kerfoot will provide a range of targeted based programs and support for the holistic wellbeing of the students including guidance about ethics, values, positive key interpersonal relationships and spirituality. Also creating opportunities for social and emotional development of the students and enhancing engagement with the Parish and broader community.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the School for further information.