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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Dunghutti people and pay our respects to the elders past, present and future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)

Indigenous Education at St Joseph’s is underpinned by the Lismore Catholic Schools Office Indigenous Education Strategy that promotes the need to continue to educate all staff and students about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island history and culture.

The School has a range of programs which are designed to monitor students’ progress, celebrate culturally significant events and make strategic decisions around the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues in the School Community.

St Joseph's Primary has a proud Indigenous Education program that includes:

  • Deadly Cultural Learning Plan (DCLP) for each of our Indigenous children
  • An Indigenous Education Worker, who assists children in learning more about their history and culture as well as supporting parents and the wider community in Indigenous Education
  • Organised guest presenters, who assist our community to appreciate the rich and diverse culture of our Indigenous community
  • The celebration of NAIDOC Week, highlighting critical aspects of our Indigenous people
  • Indigenous perspectives embedded in the National Curriculum through the NSW syllabus


Each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways and at different rates. Our commitment is to respecting and honouring the diversity of each individual as a fundamental principle of learning and teaching. Meeting the needs of all students is the responsibility of our whole school community. In some cases, children with unique learning needs may require additional supports.

Children who need assistance in a particular area of learning are identified by both norm-referenced tests and teacher made assessments. Selected students are given assistance on an individual and/or small group basis within the cohort. This Learning Support Program is provided in each grade. Students with significant additional needs are supported through the implementation of their Personalised Plan (PP), in consultation with parents and other professionals.

High Potential Learners

High potential learners vary in terms of the nature and level of their abilities. These students: 
  • are not always visible or easy to identify, this can be impacted by cultural and linguistic background, gender, language and learning difficulties, socio-economic circumstance, location, and lack of engagement in curriculum that is not matched to their abilities. 
  • exhibit an almost unlimited range of personal characteristics in temperament, personality, motivation and behaviour — no standard pattern of talent exists among gifted individuals. 
  • vary in abilities and aptitudes — they may demonstrate gifts and talents in a single area or across a variety of domains; they may have a disability or diverse learning needs. 
  • vary in their level of giftedness — this means that two students who have gifts in the same domain will not necessarily have the same abilities in that domain.