St Joseph's Primary School West Kempsey
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36 Kemp Street
West Kempsey NSW 2440

Phone: 02 6562 5501

School Canteen - Order your Child's Lunch via COMPASS APP

Lunch orders will now be placed under the COMPASS CANTEEN.   For instructions on how to use this new system please click here.

If you currently have money on your Flexischools Wallet and do not have a child at St Paul's College you will need to arrange a refund.  Click here for instructions.

Please note, on Page 7 it covers how to add funds to the parent & student wallets - it should be made very clear that parents should ONLY add funds to their own wallets, as students do not have the ability to do their own orders through Compass.

If by accident parents add the funds to the student wallet, a request to Compass to transfer the funds back would have to be made.  It is preferred that parents not use wallet funds for Canteen wherever possible, and just pay using your attached credit card at check out.

Also, all refunds/cancellations are refunded back to the parent wallet, NOT to their credit card. It is in the Compass terms of service that this is the process, so it should be made clear as a reminder for the parents.

Don't forget to order online via the COMPASS APP prior to 8.45am.