St Joseph's Primary School West Kempsey
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36 Kemp Street
West Kempsey NSW 2440

Phone: 02 6562 5501

News from the Enviro Team

Envirobank Recycling Project 

We are excited to be part of the Envirobank Recycling Project. This project works closely with our school, teaching students about sustainability through the container deposit scheme. This raises awareness of recycling and helps us raise money to fund our end of year reward day. 

Envirobank Recycling Project.jpg


  1. Each family will receive an Envirobank orange bag
  2. Collect empty 10c eligible bottles (removing lids) 
  3. Once bag is full, return to school and go in the draw to win prizes each term
  4. Your family will receive a new bag on return and are encouraged to continue to collect and help us raise awareness about sustainability

If you would like extra bags for extended family members, please let us know. 

Happy Recycling!

** If you already participate in bottle recycling as a family, please return your empty orange bag.